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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

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The Dark Angels approach (to writing) is hands on, practical and experiential.  Think ‘Master Class without any prima donnas’. The handful of participants learn by doing and also through group discussion, moderated by the trainers, around the exercises they have completed. Writing and story telling exercises are drawn from creative writing practice, as well as from the world of work, to bring a fresh focus to the business of writing.

“Ours is not a ‘how to’ kind of workshop. It’s more a matter of creating a safe, intelligent space to write. We help guide writers as they strike out into different territory. And this is truly different for a writer’s workshop: no critiques. We’ll offer some thoughts about the value of what we’ve asked you to do and we’ll ask you to tell us about it.
The combination of writing exercises, some collaborations, conversations about books, writing, music, art, our dinners together, the whole wonderful smorgasbord of writers talking, thinking things out and writing, has a powerful effect on people who attend. Folks find new confidence; they get emotional, they get reinvigorated. They find their voice. Imaginations get stoked and stimulated. Lots of people have said the experience changed their lives. I’m one.” Richard Pelletier, Dark Angels trainer, Author, Tutor, Mentor, USA



Dark Angels workshops are held at hand-picked locations throughout the UK, Europe and the United States. In February 2018, Dark Angels come to New Zealand for a three day residential workshop, and two one day workshops.

A sense of place is a part of the Dark Angels ethos. In Europe and the UK, courses have been held in castles, crofts and chestnut farms. In New Zealand the three day Dark Angels residential course will be held in KareKare (one hour out of Auckland), with two one day workshops in Auckland at a refurbished warehouse close to the city’s heart.


‘Dark Angels White Cloud’ workshops are being run by two of the founding Dark Angels.  For participants, you have the benefit of two distinct and experienced voices, and one-on-one time with a Dark Angel who has earned their place through their own writing;  as copywriters, novelists and poets.


Dark Angels offers a safe space for communications professionals and business writers to go deep. To bring their true selves to the page. And to become better writers. 

At the Dark Angels workshop we’ll explore how to use language for powerful human connections; how to tell stories with impact; an improved awareness of tone of voice and the needs of different audiences; what works and what doesn’t. Along with an unexpected injection of energy into your writing. 


“We stand for the power of words and writing, and for personal connection, kindness and fellowship.” Dark Angels.

The Dark Angels partnership was founded in 2004 by London based novelist and copywriter John Simmons, Edinburgh based copywriter, poet and playwright Stuart Delves and copywriter, musician and novelist Jamie Jauncey. The three writers work both in the business world (as consultants, writers and facilitators) and as published authors of fiction and poetry.

Dark Angels takes its name from the book of the same title by John Simmons, with its nod to Milton’s Paradise Lost. John writes that as Dark Angels, we are neither those who have fallen, nor those who have ascended, but we occupy the fertile, if broken ground in between. We find our creativity in our flawed human nature.

In 2015 Dark Angels welcomed eight associates, all published writers, each representing different areas of business activity and different geographic regions including UK, Europe and the United States.

More than three hundred students later, the Dark Angels say that they are humbled by those who’ve told them how Dark Angels changed their life.

AUT are pleased to be able to introduce Dark Angels to the Antipodes in 2018.